New Old Friends


5 years ago last night my best friend had an aneurysm in her lung and passed away at 61. You just can’t go out and meet OLD Friends.This is the one sentence I keep telling people that don’t understand why it is still so hard…You can’t meet someone and have them know all your secrets, or have laughed til you can’t hold it anymore… or be there at each others weddings. The kind of friend in serious situations you cannot look at or you’ll both burst out laughing because you know what they are thinking…You are blessed if you have an OLD FRIEND still in your life. Let them know you love them before it’s too late.


Going to high school and meeting there,

The first of many memories that we would share.

Going to different colleges we drifted apart

Our jobs brought us home our adult lives to start.

We both became teachers for the love of  a child,

God touched both our hearts and smiled.

We talked of our classes,the hurts and joys they brought

Learning together to balance discipline and love as we ought.

We shared in the joys and frustrations of life.

With husbands and children, loves and strife.

Our hearts so close like the pages of a book,

We knew what the other thought with just a look.

In serious situations we didn’t dare take a peak

Or we’d bust out laughing without having to speak.

Going on vacations many memories were made

Laughing so hard, those memories would never fade.

Sitting with you all day, the day you were ill

Sharing memories and laughing until we were filled

With a lifetime of love between two OLD FRIENDS.

How were we to know it was the end.?

Hold those you love close to your heart until the end

For it’s certain in life you cannot make New Old Friends.

Ask for permission 2017

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Their Hands-Their Touch of Love


 When I was little Mother would lay us on the end of the bed and lay her hands on us to pray. Sometimes she would sing her prayer. If we were “really” sick she would sing Power in the Blood. There is Power, power, Wonder-working power, in the blood of the lamb! There is power, power, Wonder-working power in the precious name of the blood. I felt so loved by this precious act of a loving Mother, that sometimes if I just got a little scratch or a stubbed toe… I would go tell Mom I was going to go get on the bed I needed prayer. Never once did she say , “Oh, good grief, suck it up.” or “Honey , I don’t have time right now.”
     I had to go to the emergency room last night. Turns out I have a bacterial infection, probably pneumonia. I went to you tube and found someone to sing Power in the Blood. I could feel her sweet hands and greater still I could feel the Hands of the Father comforting me in a way that only He can do. Praise God for a Mother and Father who taught me not only to” love” His touch, but to “recognize “ the sweet balm of comfort over my pneumonia, cough, and 102*fever. This too shall pass. I can almost feel their hands and Their Touch of Love.
 Ask for permission!
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Resolve 2017-Sing a New Song-My Prayer



Psalm 40:2,3 Jehovah hath made me come up out of the miry clay; and have set my feet upon a rock; and he hath put a new song into my mouth even praise to our God; many shall see and shall trust.  Psalm 33: 2 Confess ye on the harp on a psaltery of ten strings, sing psalms to Him sing ye to Him a new song.

It is evident that a “new song”denotes a glorification of the Lord on account of liberation; for the songs involved gladness of heart and the exaltation of the Lord-gladness of heart on account of the Lord’s coming and salvation then; and exaltation, on account of victory over spiritual enemies. Gladness of heart within exaltation of the Lord is what is meant by glorification.A NEW SONG!

As this New Year starts my heart is heavy and sad.

My precious friends need jobs, the economy is bad.

A  friend took his  precious life

Left the load to be carried by his wife.

My sister and her husband are both so sick and easily tire

Day after day of existing in the mire.

Oh my Wonderful Savior I know you can turn this around,

I know there is peace and there are answers to be found.

I beseech you to act on their behalf as I bow before the throne

Give them a brand NEW SONG and make it all their own.

Exchange their heaviness for glory for your victory over evil wiles.

Replace their worried looks with your unbelievable smiles.

Let them sing of your glory for the joy within their heart alone

Give them a victorious SONG and make it all their OWN.

May I sing my own new song joyously throughout the whole night long

May it softly swirl around your throne, as praise as MY SOUL’S SONG.


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Inspired by Billie, Paula and Benny

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Life Matters (on suicide)

Oh, Lord, be with those who are contemplating taking their life and be with all those who have lost loved ones over these holidays.! Put a balm of comfort over the families to whom this has so incomprehensibly has invaded their lives and homes. Jesus,you are Lord of all, the Comforter, the Redeemer, Our Savior, Healer our provision. Be ever so close to whom this has touched


 The holidays are so lonely for so many. However, there is
always an answer better than taking your life.
Dear Heavenly Father in heaven,
I lift up this one who is broken.
The pain is too much to bear.
He can barely get up in the morning
Wishes he were with you there!
Father put your comfort around him
Let Him feel your peace divine
Swell his being with your love
Let his soul your face find.
Show him you are not through with him yet
His life has barely begun
Show him the path that you have prepared
These battles through Christ have been won!
Holidays are rough.. Suicide Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste just might save someone’s life.
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Thanksgiving Hint


Short story


Thanksgiving we got to go spend time with our son, Kelly Johnson , and his precious family. I was making pot holders for all the girls and precious Elijah, my grandson, was just studying every move I made. As he sat there watching, he waited and sighed a big heavy sigh. Thoughtfully, he told me they had just painted his room gray and white. A little later he told me he had just received a new bed and took me in to show me his room ! Then he sighed a big heavy sigh! He was so proud of it and how a trundle bed pulled out so when friends spent the night they would have a place to sleep. A little later he said do you know how to make blankets? I put my crochet needle down and looked into those beautiful eyes! I said,” Would you like for me to make you a new blanket for your room??? With eyes as big as saucers he exclaimed that he would indeed love a new blanket! He decided he wanted a gray and maroon one. Children will tell us the desires of their hearts if we really tune in and take the time to listen. I love that boy!! All he had to do was spend a little time with me , talk to me, and tell me the desires of his heart!! DONE!!! Do you think for one minute I wouldn’t jump through hoops to do this for him? Sounds familiar huh? Our Father in Heaven is waiting to spend time with us in order to have fellowship and bless us!

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