Hope Through the Fire ——(Valley of Hope)

I’ve been through the “The Valley of Depression”, to the “Valley of Beauty”, to the Valley of Sorrow”, to the “Valley of Pain”,  to the “Valley of Hope”, the last two year…

Source: Hope Through the Fire ——(Valley of Hope)

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Life Matters (on suicide)


 The holidays are so lonely for so many. However, there is
always an answer better than taking your life.
Dear Heavenly Father in heaven,
I lift up this one who is broken.
The pain is too much to bear.
He can barely get up in the morning
Wishes he were with you there!
Father put your comfort around him
Let Him feel your peace divine
Swell his being with your love
Let his soul your face find.
Show him you are not through with him yet
His life has barely begun
Show him the path that you have prepared
These battles through Christ have been won!
Holidays are rough.. Suicide Hotline 800-273-TALK (8255). A simple copy and paste just might save someone’s life.
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An Angel, A Heart, A Christmas Prayer

When you lay your heart out, open in your hands in front of you to share, hoping that by sharing, another’s pain is diminished. Somehow by being closer to love shared by knowing the heart of Jehovah God,  then maybe, just maybe, healing will begin in those small pieces of pain shared.

November 18 , 2014   pink and gray clouds 027 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy                                                                                November 18 , 2014   pink and gray clouds 011

sunrise august 2013

Think on these things!

photo by Juliann Dewitt-Smith


An Angel, A Heart, A Christmas Prayer

Often I sit and wonder of knowing a mother’s love for a child.

Thoughts and emotions taunt of wanting ever to be bequiled

By  wide, green eyes dancing with delight at the Christmas tree.

Dark hair falling softly, a precious angel just wishing to be with me.

Sometimes I’m soothing the teary eyes of a son left out of the game.

Gently holding his trusting heart I’m rejoicing he overcame

Fear that penetrates a young boy’s soul that he’s not good enough,

Wonderful to be there to let him know he doesn’t always have to be tough.

On my days go, sometimes sadly, walking with God by the way…

I dream of a special Christmas Wish, for my first heavenly Christmas Day.

A wish filled with laughter and joy,  holding hands with my own girl and boy

Days of unending unconditional love both giving and receiving to enjoy.

But for now, ‘He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me I am His own.

And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.’

Always walking, looking up for a heavenly surprise of a heart or an angel cloud.

Humbled so often as I joyously see these personal gifts avowed.

When it seems like sadness overwhelms, I just go back to the start

For God and I have intimate times  sharing the desires of our heart.

He speaks of His love for His only child, and loved me by sharing His Son.

He knows the  heartache that we share, and by His blood we’re One.

by Debbie

photos by Debbie copywrited by National Geographic

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Inspirations Acrostic


From the lonely “I”sland of emotion flowing from deep within

Ever bubbling upward”N”eath all the confusion wondering where it has been .

Desperately trying to “S”pring forth joyfully into the light of day.

Pushing through layers of “P”ain, as a bulb bursting through the soil of clay.

Springtime  lives dormant “I”nside until life giving water seeps through,

Awakening glorious, “R”adiant joy now ready to be nurtured by loves’ morning dew.

Lifes enthusiastic  energy “A”glow with God’s pink aura from the sunrise on display,

Simply lights up sparkling “T”ears of happiness having waited so long to feel and play

Sunlit bubbling waterfalls, “I”nnocence cascading tenderly over my soul’s rhyme

Sunsets spectrum of color cascades “O”nto new love’s empty canvas sublime .

God’s rays of everlasting hope reach for eternity, lonely island has “N”o say.

For God’s glorious shades of the dawn and dusk paint our love “S”ong anew each day.



(Acrostic challenge) October 2016

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Loving From Afar

Dedicated to Mother and Daddy, Jeannie,Wayne and Jo, Gene and John, Doris and Wilson, Sandra, Wendell, Lenora Lee and Grandaddy, Biff, and Jack, Brother Bell and Jean, and so many of our relatives and friends.


Not a day goes by, I think I hear you call my name and hear your precious voice.

I almost hear you say ,”I love you so much, sweetie,” that my heart begins to rejoice.

Tender notes on the piano, as only you could play, cause my eyes to tear.

Trickling slowly down my cheeks a lump in my throat suddenly appears.

The passion in the notes you played cause my soul to leap within

Remembering praising together brings memories of way back when.

Loving as if it were only yesterday when we reluctantly said goodbye

A tear, a smile, a memory so deep from within brings a hesistant sigh

It’s better to have loved so dearly, much like joyfully swinging from a star

Memories are God’s precious gifts enabling us to keep loving from afar.


Philippians 1:3 “I give thanks to my God upon all the remembrance of you.”


















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