Inspirations Acrostic


From the lonely “I”sland of emotion flowing from deep within

Ever bubbling upward”N”eath all the confusion wondering where it has been .

Desperately trying to “S”pring forth joyfully into the light of day.

Pushing through layers of “P”ain, as a bulb bursting through the soil of clay.

Springtime  lives dormant “I”nside until life giving water seeps through,

Awakening glorious, “R”adiant joy now ready to be nurtured by loves’ morning dew.

Lifes enthusiastic  energy “A”glow with God’s pink aura from the sunrise on display,

Simply lights up sparkling “T”ears of happiness having waited so long to feel and play

Sunlit bubbling waterfalls, “I”nnocence cascading tenderly over my soul’s rhyme

Sunsets spectrum of color cascades “O”nto new love’s empty canvas sublime .

God’s rays of everlasting hope reach for eternity, lonely island has “N”o say.

For God’s glorious shades of the dawn and dusk paint our love “S”ong anew each day.



(Acrostic challenge) October 2016

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Loving From Afar

Dedicated to Mother and Daddy, Jeannie,Wayne and Jo, Gene and John, Doris and Wilson, Sandra, Wendell, Lenora Lee and Grandaddy, Biff, and Jack, Brother Bell and Jean, and so many of our relatives and friends.


Not a day goes by, I think I hear you call my name and hear your precious voice.

I almost hear you say ,”I love you so much, sweetie,” that my heart begins to rejoice.

Tender notes on the piano, as only you could play, cause my eyes to tear.

Trickling slowly down my cheeks a lump in my throat suddenly appears.

The passion in the notes you played cause my soul to leap within

Remembering praising together brings memories of way back when.

Loving as if it were only yesterday when we reluctantly said goodbye

A tear, a smile, a memory so deep from within brings a hesistant sigh

It’s better to have loved so dearly, much like joyfully swinging from a star

Memories are God’s precious gifts enabling us to keep loving from afar.


Philippians 1:3 “I give thanks to my God upon all the remembrance of you.”


















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A Teacher’s Heart of Gold


sunrise august 2013


A Teacher’s Heart of Gold

The first day of school is special each year as I look up and down each row.

Looking at  new supplies, new shoes, new clothes, what is most important doesn’t show.

Within minutes, they show you who is the brightest star…

It’s also very evident who carries the deepest scars.

The one who didn’t eat breakfast sits quietly at their desk

Finding it hard to wake up and concentrate on the simplest of tests.

There’s the one who was held back for failing, unsure if it’s worth it again

All the directions, rules, information, enough to make his head spin.

Look , there, the pretty one whose eyes so sad look up,

Glance quickly down so I’ll not see heartbreak overflowing from her cup.

How can he pay attention when they were screaming all night long?

How can he learn anything when his heart has lost its song?

Across the aisle, the bully, who loves to sneer and intimidate,

Beside him, is the dreamer , the one who loves to create.

Shyness  and  insecurity causes the precious one to dream.

If only I were more like her, the one with all the friends, it seems.

Oh God, as I look up and down the rows, into the eyes and hearts of each child,

And even thought it’s against the law for me to teach Your love inside…

May my reactions to their cruel words and lack of discipline, be profoundly kind.

May they your mercy, love , and joy, in me every day find.

May I respond to irritations as I would to a child of my own,

For each of these children are loved just as much as mine at home.

I pray I’ll be a shining light drawing them to see this heart of mine.

May Your love and kindness, every moment of every day shine.

Someday may they remember that once upon a time

That God reached down and loved them and allowed them to shine.

May it be remembered that it was through kindness from above

It was through that teacher’s heart of gold who taught them  how to love.



ASK FOR PERMISSION © Copyright 2016 Deborah Johnson words and photos

photo © with National Geographic DJHayes

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When the Night is Falling


When the Night is Falling



Until the night is falling  and rest through the night is bringing,

God protects and watches, and over me is singing.

In Hebrew, the word “Rejoice” means to spin around with violent emotion; to skip; to dance; to leap for joy. It never ceases to amaze me that Jehovah God rejoices and sings over me regardless of the season of life in which I find myself. Whether it is summer or winter, spring or fall, sunrise of a new day or when the night is falling… he sings over me. What an assurance of hope do we have who have placed our lives and trust in Christ.

Zephaniah 3:17 “The Lord your God is with you in His love. He will no longer rebuke you but will “Rejoice”over you with singing. He will quiet you with His love.”

Science has proven that the stars and whales “sing” together a song of universal praise to the Father. What else in nature blends with this music to create a symphony to which all of heaven joins bringing the sweet fragrance of praise to the Father? Just think about all the songbirds,  noises of the animals and the sounds of nature.   He has created the tender, inviting, passionate world made for love and romance. The stars, the moon, rivers, mountains and meadows, beaches, music and flowers, or an intimate kiss all join in harmony.  Oh, to hear the music of love when the night is falling and we ultimately stand before the Father surrounded by the saints and angels all singing in glorious harmony with the universe like nothing we have ever heard.

“You will go out with joy and be led forth with peace. The mountains and the hills will break forth before you with singing and all the trees will clap their hands.” Isaiah 55:12

“On my bed, I remember you in the night because you are my help. I sing in the shadow of Your wings.” Psalm 65:7


When the Night is Falling

Morning breaks, the world awakens to sing a brand new song.

Sunrise rejoices, blue skies anoint day as nature sings along.

Birds singing, rivers gurgling, and the rhythmic ebb of the tide,

All join together in harmony as life flows quickly by.

Romance along the meadow paths sprinkled with colorful flowers

Reaching for the sky majestic mountain peaks  tower.

Oh, the mysteries that surround us if we just could see

All that God has created just for you and for me.

Sometimes in God’s green pastures or in the ocean blue

I almost can hear singing, a song of hope so true.

A song to last the ages of fellowship divine

Beyond the realm of nature and past the end of time.

So when the night is falling and sunset shouts for joy

Mountains and hills will break forth singing, fear will be destroyed.

Stars and whales sing harmony and trees will clap their hands,

Joining choirs of angels, all singing as before Him we’ll stand.

Rejoicing through the ages, a song of love divine

Sung by all creation until the end of time.















ASK FOR PERMISSION © Copyright 2016 Deborah Johnson words and photos

photo © with National Geographic DJHayes




































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For Just Five Minutes

This a story of perseverance and victory over multiple trials and heartaches. In addition, it includes a series of one-session Bible study discussions on multiple situations of life topics. Do you have multiple crisis opportunities or adversities you are expected to handle? Are you almost to your breaking point? Things such as care giving for an aging parent, rebellious children, step-children, chronic illness or disease, death or multiple deaths of close family members, or a tragic and unbelievable death of a loved one-just exactly how are you supposed to cope with these kinds of stress? Everyone assumes you are expected to just suck it up and handle it? In For Just Five Minutes, you will find ways to deal with all of these from someone who has been through the fire. There are devotionals in the last section that are directed to specific topics of concern Which could be used for discussion starters in small group situations.. When others ask, “How are you?” you just want to scream, If you only knew. Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and forgiving heart. Be the one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them! Remember, the more you encourage, the more you will be encouraged. We are all worthy to be loved, to be happy, and to be all God created us to be.

I have been working on this book for two years. Hopefully you will be inspired and encouraged by the reading of its words. Blessings, Debbie

Here is the link to AMAZON where you can pre-order my book!! I’m so excited to have an Amazon button!!! Yeah!!

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